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Self Worth - Valuing The Qualities That Make You Unique

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Self worth is all about confidence and learning to love what makes you unique. It's more about your values and the way you view yourself than anything!

Here's a little story on how I found my self worth.

February 2016 I went through a traumatic mental breakdown that left me feeling empty.

I had a psychotic episode where I became completely out of touch with reality. I was hospitalized for one week and later diagnosed with Manic Depression Type 1 (also known as bi-polar disorder). After I was released from the hospital I had to get back to my everyday life as if nothing happened. I was finishing some high school courses and needed to pass them all by June. This was my top goal and the setback was shocking.

I was devastated, lost, confused and completely shattered. I didn't really understand what happened and experienced guilt that left me feeling sorry for myself. I knew there was no point in feeling this way and that it would only make things worse, but I couldn't help it. With no where else to turn I threw myself into my faith, this became my foundation.

Since I was young I grew up learning about God and his love for me, being at my lowest point really taught me how important and solid this foundation is. My faith gave me the strength to persevere but there was so much more work I had to do to get back to my old self.

Now that I felt safe and secure in my faith it was time for me to exercise it in the real world. Plus I had a diploma to work for...

Sadly, I was unable to be myself completely again, I lost all of my confidence. I became lethargic, anxious and unconfident. I had never felt anxious before my episode but afterwards that's all I felt. I didn't even have the confidence to talk to people I would talk to for hours before. All of the qualities I had once been confident in were lost to me. I was unsure of who I was... I was broken.

Over time I started to realize who I was and what made me special. And now I truly value self worth and why it's important.

Valuing myself is what brought me back ...

I couldn't feel confident if I was unsure of who I even was.

How could you love the things that make you special and use them to help other people in some way if you don't know what they are?

So I had to start from scratch and do some work on finding who I was.

Here's where I started:

Think of three things that you love about yourself!

Mine are:

1. My fashion sense

2. Writing

3. The part of my character that genuinely wants to see people win

Now think about how you can use these things to benefit others!

What ways can you give back to your community? Can you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself through them?

.With styling I know that I can encourage others to be themselves and feel confident in their skin. Writing genuine blog posts gives me a creative outlet that I hope inspires others and lets people know they're not alone.

This makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.

A sense of self worth where I use my qualities for good and get to see the impact.

Using your gifts in the world allows you to see your purpose and how important you are.

When you take the things that make you unique and create ways to help others through them you'll start to value who you are.

When you see your amazing traits, qualities and skills benefiting you and others you feel a sense of purpose a sense of "I did THAT!" You can accomplish so much just by being yourself, The things that you love are gifts given to you that you must share! Upon doing so you spark a light in others and ignite the flame inside of your soul. Be true to yourself, but most importantly know your worth and add tax until your value is limitless.

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